There are a lot of SPECs out there for proper FR Care.The simplest thing is to read the label attached to each item you are laundering.To make it even EASIER for you… We have done some research and made a few phone calls to get the specific do’s and dont’s for taking care of your FR.

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Do NOT order FR off of Amazon or thru a company with low costs… there are a few companies out there claiming their products are FR, they are not. Keep in mind reflective strips and labels do not always prove to be 100% truth when it comes to whether or not an item is FR. Always choose a reputable and well-known company for all your FR needs!

Hydrogen Peroxide–

can destroy the FR polymer and make the garments non-protective

Lye-based soaps

 (If lye can decompose a body, imagine what it does to FR…)

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