Insurance and Financial Security

When electrical tape is not enough…

  • Do you have disability and accident coverage through your employer? If you do, is it enough to protect you and your family while you are out of work recovering?
    • Disability – Physical or Mental impairment making a person incapable of performing one or more duties of their occupation
    • Accident – Excludes any type of sickness or disease but covers perils (the immediate specific event causing loss and giving rise to risk)
  • At Stone Financial, we can guide you through the decision to make sure you are able to make ends meet during this time and provide you with quotes directly from insurance providers


When your pole dancing days are over…

  • Do you know if you will still have medical coverage when you are ready to retire?
    • Do you understand the Medicare Alphabet (Part A, B, C…) and the supplements?
    • Medicare – Federally sponsored health insurance and medical program for persons aged 65 or older; administered under provisions of the Social Security Act
  • Your health is just as important now that you won’t have to worry about storm calls – let us help you understand the different benefits and assist you in picking out a plan that will ‘turn you on.’




You are always there when we need you, we can be there if/when your family needs us.

  • Thinking of the what ifs are never fun or easy, but making sure your family has a financial safety net is important if you are no longer here
  • Do you have a Life Insurance Plan through your employer – and if so, do you know how much the policy is (and when was the last time you updated your beneficiary…)?
    • This one policy may not be enough to provide financial security for your loved ones and that is where we can help
    • We can help you understand the amount of coverage you would need in order to assist in:
      • Paying off outstanding debts (mortgage, car, travel trailer, etc.)
      • Assisting with sending your children to school (college/trade school funds)
      • Having a ‘nest egg’ for your partner to get by while adjusting to a new life
    • Life Insurance is not a one-size-fits-all product – there are many ways to make sure you are covered
      • Term Life Insurance – Protection during a limited number of years; offering temporary protection
      • Whole Life Insurance – Permanent level insurance protection for the “whole of life,” from policy issue to the death of the insured


What if something happened to your support system… your wife?

  • Is she a stay at home mom? What would you do if she wasn’t there? Do you have Life Insurance on her – or does she have her own policy?
    • If something happens to a stay-at-home mom, the kids will need to be taken care of – you may find new costs you did not realize were going to happen – such as an increased cost of child-care expenses
    • We can assist in making sure she has the coverage that would be needed to assist the family in adjusting to this life change